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New Ford Figo


Exterior: ,
Safety: ,
Extra: , , ,
CC: Petrol - 1196cc Diesel - 1399cc
Torque: Petrol - 102Nm @ 4000 rpm Diesel - 160 Nm @2000 rpm
Power: Petrol - 71BHP (52.4KW) @ 6250 rpm Diesel - 69BHP (50.7KW) @4000 rpm
No of Doors: 5
Length: 3795mm
Width: 1680mm (without ORVM)
Height: 1427mm
Kerb Weight: Petrol - 1075kg (ZXI) Diesel - 1115kg (ZXI)
Ground Clearance: 168mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 45L
Model Year: 2012
Country: India


Fuel Economy

Value for Money


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Color choice, Interior seating and Warranty support.


Engine performance when compared with its competitors, Steering audio control is missing.

Bottom Line

This is a small car by Ford. It took a long time for Ford to enter the small car segment when it launched Figo for the first time. Ford previously had thrown only premium cars on the India roads like the Mondeo. Ford is trying its European designs in India now. GM, another American car […]

Posted January 30, 2013 by

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This is a small car by Ford. It took a long time for Ford to enter the small car segment when it launched Figo for the first time. Ford previously had thrown only premium cars on the India roads like the Mondeo. Ford is trying its European designs in India now. GM, another American car maker on the other hand have a better hold in small car.
Indian car marker is highly dominated by small & economical cars. And we already have Maruti with its overwhelming majority of market share. That is a big challenge to Ford Figo. Also Ford they have GM (from its home land) as their competitor.

Ford had given good features to its car to succeed, but whether it will survive or not for that we will have to wait and watch. Figo has a wheel base which is around 60mm more than swift whereas the length of the car is 55mm less. This substantiates the rear comfortable seating and large boot.
As this is a face-lift lets go through what has changed in the New Figo.

From the front there are two main things that one can notice.
1) It’s a Ford. The car exhibits as it is a baby to Ford.
2) Large headlamps, they are good piece of design & engineering.
3) Vibrant colors. New yellow and blue defiantly good than the previous florescent green

The front we can see a perfectly centered radiator, the black insert on the bumper is good. The front grill is now hexagonal. The bumper edge does not match with the lines if the head lamp as it does in old Figo. The side indicators are shifted to the bottom location in the head lamp fixture. This seems a copy from i10 but good. To the sides the curved roof looks nice but lacks the ribs. But I think for this small car plane root suites the theme. The fog lamps have new collar to hold them.

Looking down the door panels are flat. Again wheel arches are highlighted. Hopefully that adds to the side profile of the car. As the top and bottom was designed middle doors could have been given arcs too. Door handles are nice pull type. Side light gets chrome frame, decent. ORVM are colored partly. Central location for antenna seems perfect for this height. In terms of height the car it is lower. i10, swift will are taller compared to Figo. The new Figo has 8 spoke for its top end titanium variant. The end Y-shaped arms look good but will invite dirt to settle in.

Now from a distance the rear of the car will confuse you with Fusion at a moment but soon you will realize that no its Fusion…. As the car is small, tail lights should have been smaller as well. They look over sized even now. They have just re-positioned the lights location in the tail light cluster. Rest features like the gaps between panels are even. The thin chrome strip above the number plate is decent. The rear door has a sharp line which continuous to the rear door and then submerges with the side body panel. So overall from the front it wears a smooth curve & rear with sharp edges. We have body colored door handles, bumpers, ORVMs. Figo comes with body colored rear towing hook.

The interior of the car has the Fiesta feel with minor changes. The most disturbing that ugly red (or red-pink) top of the dashboard has been replaced by a much appreciable blue. It does suite the interiors.

The quality is good too. It is on par with Tata Vista. Black color is used extensively on the interiors. That’s good. Keeping the car look clean will not be difficult. Another good feature is the door, not very supreme as the thud in upper segment cars but adequate I would say. The door rubber supports this feature. Instrument panel is untouched. New Figo gets audio controls but not on steering on steering column. Secondly the controls are to be pulled and not press button. It seems a cost cutting. Taller people will be irritated by this audio control as you are likely to hit this every time you withdraw your leg from the clutch.

New Ford Figo Interior

New Ford Figo Interior

The gear rod has new stem. The old one was nice concentric circles; this one has black leather skin. The entertainment system is the same from old Figo. There is a new USB cable provided in the glove box. Sadly New Figo again does not have rear power window. Only two plain power buttons on driver’s side is just OK. Plus the door pocket cannot hold big bottle straight. Hand break handle is the same.

At the front be happy to rest your arm on the big arm rest on the doors. The seating position & back support is good. Driver seat with height adjust is brilliant. The steering is big for the size in all dimensions. But that feels good to handle as it makes one feel to command the power. Ford has done well by extending the horn pad area. Also the spokes are thick enough to rest thumb. Comfort.

The head rest is now adjustable. Rear window will roll down not enough to make you happy. Seat gets new skin, its same blue color matching with the blue-black dash board. The rear seat has sufficient leg space. Rear seat is not split & fold completely. That gives enough space for the boot.

The power plane:
Figo is offered with two power options Petrol & Diesel.
Petrol engine (named as Duratec petrol) is a 1.2 L (1196cc) 16 valves DOHC engine. It pumps out 71BHP (52.4KW) @ 6250 rpm and a Max Torque of 102Nm @ 4000 rpm. Transmission is 5 speed manual. The power generation is low than all others in this segment. i10 & Beat is at 79BHP whereas Swift & Ritz sit at 85BHP. Performance is good. No need to downshift to 1st gear when you overcome a speed breaker. Not best as Kappa engine but can easily drive in city in 3rd gear with seldom use of 2nd. You won’t need 1st gear unless you are starting from 0 km. The engine is thus peppy and will feel good to drive.

Diesel engine comes with 8 valve SOHC and common rail injection. It is a 1.4L TDCi engine (1399cc) which delivers 69BHP (@4000 rpm) and 160 Nm (@2000 rpm). Turbo lag has been taken care, not by refining but by increasing 1.3L to 1.4L. The gear will feel same as petrol you can drive easily in city in 2nd & 3rd. The engine is nicely damped to reduce the NVH. Vibration and noise is insulated at acceptable levels.
The power steering is brilliant. It will be very useful while parking in small places. The steering clutch handling is easy and thus will be good car to be on Indian roads.
A good think, New Figo comes with 2 years or 1,00,000 Km warranty.


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